Campus to Corporate

One of the biggest challenges every student goes through is the transition from college to corporate life. All of a sudden, there is a transition from assignments & mid-semesters to team work and deadlines.

MNCs and other professional organizations use the past placement record of the institute as a measure of the quality of the students. They base their decisions to come to the campus; the number of students to be hired and their salary and position on the image and the so-called rating of the Institute.

A vicious cycle is created which makes getting good placements and good

students more difficult every subsequent year.

Soham IT Learning and Development team is geared to help you meet the challenge of getting good placements and creating the institute's image. We offer Industry vetted training course on Infrastructure Management System (IMS)

Infrastructure Management Service solutions enable clients to:

  • Minimize the overall cost of IT operations.
  • Focus IT assets on core business activities.
  • Reduce IT employment expenses.
  • Optimize IT asset usage.
  • Ease service deliverance

Course content: Infrastructure Management Service (IMS) course is developed to cover all the major business segments which the current leading MNCs and IT enterprises are supporting global IT infrastructure needs.

Our course is a 40 Hrs classroom session covering the following modules

  • System Architecture – Operating Systems / Applications and Database management.
  • Network Management – Basic concepts of Networking and Gateways.
  • Server Management – Basic concepts of System administrationt.
  • Storage Area Networks – Basic concepts of SAN and the devices used.
  • Data Center – Basic concepts and standards.
  • IT Service Management – IT Information library v3 Foundation modules.