SOHAM IT Services Private limited is an established Information Technology company in the helm of India technological evolution, dedicated to provide high quality and reliable IT Services and solutions to the all IT Indian business organizations

We are a global company that invests in exceptional people and ideas-both, our own and that of our customer. Soham IT Services has matured business ideas that have delivered customer value beyond exceptions

Our strong expertise on the existing broad range of systems knowledge, strong industry references are our identity

We have presence overseas and would like to reach to the developing and under developed countries to contribute to their unique business strategies related to IT infrastructure service and Design-Deploy-Deliver Infrastructure needs

Soham IT Services believes in continuous improvement. One of the means by which this goal is achieved is through centers-of-excellence. These are organized efforts at improving our awareness, knowledge, and skills. Centers-of-excellence make use of certifications, professional-body memberships, sponsored conferences, Web forums, publications, and in-house R&D to deepen their understanding of the specific topics

Our Service Motto :

We invest in people, resources and tailor our services, tools to help our client’s success

Mission Statement :

Understand Business critical requirements by aligning IT strategy with Business strategy and be partner to drive growth of our esteemed Clients

We Believe:

Adept, decisive and innovative - Three imperatives in today's economic environment that will help us endure and prosper

The SOHAM IT Difference

While you can expect similar or better service comparing to any existing IT company in our vicinity, our business values are aligned to make CLIENT FIRST and COLLABORATE

  • Client First: We have an abiding passion to place your business needs first. Our success is your success. To help you achieve your goals, we invest in our people and resources, so that they can help bring new business models and innovative ideas to your business and work environment

  • Collaborate: We use our IT, business-process and strategic consulting to help you transform your business, with minimal risk and disruption. Give your organization greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Position your business to thrive now and in the future

  • Projectized Model: We operate our business under the guidance of a Project Management Office (PMO) and it helps us handle your business with Better efficiency in delivering services, opportunities to expand, better flexibility, Increased Risk assessment and Increase in Quality