Our specialization :

Soham IT Services should provide a flexible delivery method which implies our capability to provide onsite, offshore and near shore capabilities in major international markets. This along with the fact that highly skilled manpower with the right exposure and attitude is provided at the fastest turnaround times known becomes a determinant of Soham IT Services success.

Soham IT Services can provide right-skilled personnel with the right combinations of technology, business, and management skills to work exclusively on their business. As per their discretion and requirement, Soham IT Services can place these resources either at their locations or at ours

As IT Specialists we:

  • Understand Business Critical requirements of your IT Infrastructure
  • Consolidate entire network and provide optimum technology solution
  • Procure hardware and Build robust network which is highly reliable, redundant and scalable
  • Provide efficient and economical support services

IT Infrastructure

Economic uncertainty, increasing competitive pressures and rising demands for quality services are among the reasons why you need to address the value and return on your IT services' investment-as well as improve service management capabilities

We would like to offer our expertise to small and medium size enterprises who doesn't have IT Infrastructure Services as their Core business competency on

Infrastructure refresh:

Build/Upgrade existing infrastructure Telecom and Network systems

Manage Client's network and end to end technical support services to our Clients

This will ensure

Improve Services: Help your organization changing business requirements and support your long term business goals ensuring high availability and quality of existing services

Reduce Cost: Help your organization not only contain operational cost and complexity, but achieve breakthrough productivity gains through optimization, virtualization, energy stewardship, and flexible sourcing

Manage risk: We not only address today's security, resiliency and compliance challenges, but also prepare for the new risks posed by an even more connected and collaborative world

Procure, Install and Support Hardware

As an endeavor to support our Clients on end to end Infrastructure management, Soham IT can Procure and Install Hardware to the Infrastructure Solutions we provide

Onsite Support Services

The support services include the installation of Network systems: Routers, Firewalls, Telecom equipment etc., and move, upgrade the existing hardware. Also Soham provides services to monitor and manage the customer's network and end to end technical support services to the clients.

The Service expertise includes

  • LAN/ WAN set-up and Implementation
  • Initial hardware installation & Integration services
  • Leased Lines management
  • Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Network Security
  • IT Infrastructure Management