Business Transformation

Do it yourself? Out-source? Deciding how to build sustainable, cost efficient IT infrastructure is a continuing challenge for organizations of all sizes.There is a growing gap between what Business expects and IT's ability, capacity to deliver.Client need help understanding where to invest your capital and resources to ensure that IT is aligned with the needs and goals of the overall business.This is where Soham IT can position itself to help client organization providing its expertise in IT Industry.Our business consulting services includes end to end Design of ICT projects and O&M for government leveraging ICT as a tool for delivery system of government services.

RFP and Bid Process Management

Soham IT Services provides end to end support for developing RFP and bid process and help identify the right Implementation Agency. This service offering is supported by structured methodology and consultant teams with mix of business and technical skills.

We will hold meetings, discussion with the Govt Agencies/ Management and Stakeholders of the project to capture their expectations, requirements, project deliverables etc. The content will be collated and organized to produce a professional-looking document that presents client's opportunity appropriately to the RFP's recipients.

    a. The of RFP development includes key components such as:

  • Pre-RFP preparation
  • Missions, Scope and User Community
  • Developing the Project Plan
  • Identification of all the needs & requirements of Project
  • Identification of functional & Technical requirements

b. The Bid process includes the key components such as

  • Study and Analysis of all the received proposals.
  • Preliminary scrutiny of the proposals received.
  • Technical evaluation as per the RFP requirements.
  • Supporting in commercial evaluation.
  • Support in developing the contract.

 Business Process Re-engineering

Process Reengineering is the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization.

    A Re-Engineered organization is process oriented, where..

  • Envision new processes.
  • Initiate change.
  • Process diagnosis.
  • process redesign.
  • Reconstruction.
  • Process monitoring.
    • Our approach:

    • Processes are identified and named.
    • Everyone is aware of the processes they are involved in,
    • Process measurement, i.e. monitoring and control, is performed.

    Program Management

    With the significant contribution of IT to their business goals,Companies invest huge amounts in medium and large IT projects to enable strategic initiatives or to upgrade ageing systems, but fail to show the ROI.Those costly failures remain one of the toughest challenges facing by CIOs and the businesses they serve. As per industry standards for most large and complex IT initiatives,roughly 80% of the effort is focused on technical issues such as requirements definition, vendor selection, system customization,technology procurement and system rollout,while only 20% on the related business activities of process redesign,organization design, incentive realignment and training.Yet those business activities are critical to realizing the value.Our role is to help clients diagnose potential effectiveness issues,ensure successful implementation of an IT transformation program, or,in some cases,prescribe an action plan to get a faltering project back on track.